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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

While the twelve days of Christmas are still going on, here's a long-overdue omission from the site. It's our very own perennial holiday special, saluting the happy days of winter with some verses I wrote for Apatoons, back in the 1990s:


Freddy the Snowman,
With his scarf of red and green
Didn't look too spry, but my oh my,
What a stone-cold death machine!

Freddy the Snowman
Murdered all the gang but me
With his eyes of coal and his evil soul
On a chilly killing spree!

There must have been a curse upon that rusty kitchen knife;
When Suzy put it in his hand, the snowman took her life.

Freddy the Snowman
Was a child molester too,
And we heard him say, being dragged away,
"I'll be back, next year, for you!"

(Hackity hack hack, hackity hack hack,
Hacking hard and deep.
Stabbity stab stab, stabbity stab stab,
Kills you in your sleep!)

TTTO: Frosty the Snowman by Rollins and Nelson
New Lyrics ©2011 by Kip Williams

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