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Saturday, March 09, 2013

print-makin' fool

The clever stratagem of taking an art class has worked, in that I am producing some art. I might even sell some of it — lovely thought.


The duck is based on something I did back in the 80s. It went over well with my class, who have suggested that I might do a series of toy pix, which is an appealing idea. I will be reworking it somewhat, as I did some inadvertent violence to the tones in a couple of places. This was accepted into the student art show that's coming up (as I write this, in March of 2013). I hope I'll sell something.


Here's sleeping Sarah, to which I will add aquatints (like the shading in the duck pic) to make it look more like the picture I based it on, which I drew on the glide pad of my little Vaio laptop when she was asleep on my lap right after we'd moved to Massachusetts in 2005:

sleepy girl

I printed ten of it in this state so I'd have an edition for grading at the end of the semester, but I think it will appeal more when the grays are in there (mostly like the computer pic, but with a small change or two — hey, I flipped it! oh well).


Last but not least, a cardboard print — the plate, instead of being zinc, is thick cardboard, cut into to different layers with a sharp knife. This was also accepted into the upcoming show, and I think it's the best of the three items I submitted (I didn't submit the one of Sarah for the third, but the pre-shades version of the duck). This is a scene on Main Street here in town that I drive past on my way to and from school, next to a bus stop/turnaround. The pavement would be off to the left of the part you see. Wait, here's the photo I took and used as a guide:

bus stop

I did what artists do, and left stuff out. Okay, that's all for now. When I get my next print done, I'll post it too. Unless it's really bad, of course.