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Thursday, January 31, 2019

For National Gorilla Suit Day 2019

Deck Yourself
Deck yourself in garb of primate
Ooga booga booga, ook! ook! ook!
Warm the blood in every climate
Ooga booga booga, ook! ook! ook!
Don we now our ape apparel
Booga boo, booga boo, ook ook ook!
Join us all in acting feral
Ooga booga booga, ook! ook! ook!
We Three Kongs
We three Kongs of simian mien
Peeling fruit of yellow and green
Crouching, feeding, on chests beating
Stars of the jungle scene!
Day of wonder, bright, acute
Day to wear gorilla suit!
Plantains cooking, backward looking
Day when evolution’s moot!
Jungle Bells*
Swinging through the trees
With a holly jolly ape.
Music’s on the breeze.
Native children gape!
Lights on green fronds cling
And shimmer in the heat.
Let’s dance and sing till tree frogs ring
With a festive jungle beat! Oh—

Jungle Bells, Jungle Bells,
Through rain forests green!
Carols hum on a wooden drum
From hands that can’t be seen, oh—
Jungle Bells, Jungle Bells,
Tinkle through the swamp:
Festive chimes that hang from vines
For a sultry devo romp!
I hope the purists will forgive me for omitting the traditional hymns, but on consideration, they all seemed a bit stuffy and contrary to what I regard as the true spirit of this joyous day. Ook!
* Adapted from the popular winter song that has already appeared in these pages.