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Monday, December 22, 2008

Jukebox for December 22, 2008

by Benny Bell

Everyone is out to get my Fanny
Everybody wants to see my Fanny
Everybody likes to hold my Fanny
But she loves no one but me

Everybody wants to seize my Fanny
Everybody likes to squeeze my Fanny
They do everything to please my Fanny
Still she loves no one but me

Oh, don't touch my Fanny
Please don't ever try
My little Fanny
Is reserved for just one guy

That's why I never let another love light blind me
Everywhere I go you'll always find me
With my little Fanny right behind me
'Cause she's so in love with me

Everyone who ever spied my Fanny
Tried to hang around beside my Fanny
Maybe I should go and hide my Fanny
Or she'll find somebody new

I've seen lots of fannies in my time
And frequently their cheeks were close to mine
But never have I held one so divine
Like the Fanny that belongs to me

We will be married
Some day next June
And when we go away
To spend our honeymoon

I know that everyone is goin'a miss my Fanny
No one ever could resist my Fanny
But they wouldn't dare to kiss my Fanny
'Cause she's so in love with me

(ps: This is a song from, I guess, the 1940s, using American slang, not British slang. Using British slang, it's more filthy and less amusing, because some of the references make no real sense -- "right behind me" "their cheeks were close to mine," in particular.)

[Lyrics courtesy of The Mad Music Archive]
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Corey K. said...

Don't forget Cliff Edwards' "I'm Going to Give it to Mary With Love" - which has the added bonus of being sung by the gen-u-ine voice of Jiminy Cricket!


Corey K. said...

Let's see if I can make this easier and give it a clickable link...

Kip W said...

I've got Cliff Edwards on my iPod as well! My favorite is "I Like Mountin Wimmen." I might get around to him soon, though I'm planning on doing Ben Light & His Surf Club Boys first.

Susan de Guardiola said...

Now I'm wondering if the British slang usage goes back so far that Fanny Hill's title is an intentional double entendre that I'd not previously noticed.

Andrew Leal said...

Fanny, Fanny, Fanny.... As Father Butcher used to say in that T. Wilson Messy Production, "One Feller's Family."