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improbable-looking limestone karsts in Guilin

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Toon River Anthology

part 3

"Daddy" made me feel loved and welcome.
He even got rid of that wife of his
Who acted like I was some sort of trophy;
A proof of her virtue. She was soon gone.
In her place, the lethal Asp and towering Punjab,
And Sandy. Always loyal, wonderful Sandy.
I would see "Daddy" mostly when he came in,
Guns blazing, fists flying, to save me
From the enemies of our country,
As well as from callous orphanages and cruel caretakers,
Just in time to sever them from success
And to protect this nation, and me, and Sandy,
And his own financial interests as well.
As days accreted into years, I wondered
Why my loving "Daddy" always ended up placing me
Back into those dark places where I had no protector
Save the good-hearted weak ones who folded like leaves
And sometimes a sympathetic gangster or mystic,
And I began to notice how my salvation and their demise
Solved at once some pressing business problem of "Daddy"'s
Until, at last, I resolved to contrive a test for him;
A setting of peril for me without any hope of profit for him.
And lo! here I am, beneath this stone forever
As Sandy, faithful Sandy, watches over me
Crying helplessly at the cold white eye of the moon.

For years, I played the game with the ball and the hoops
And sometimes won, and sometimes lost, then retired
And opened a food place with a good friend of mine.
Life was good. We watched shows and listened to music
And exchanged opinions with others in our circle
Until the day we went to the large green park in town
And as I walked down by the wooden structure that crossed the water
I felt a sharp painful sensation down near the end of my leg.
A kind bystander with an electronic device was able to call
And try to get some help from the medical professionals,
But they asked what bit me, and all I could tell them
Was that it was a skinny, shiny creature; long, with no legs
And of a fairly common color. They pressed me for details,
But I couldn't help them, and they couldn't help me.
When they got to me, I was nearly gone.
As if naming something gives you power over it!

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